Twitch Streamer SypherPK On His Favorite Pastimes And Gaming Gear

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Ali Hassan, best known as “SypherPK,” is a professional gamer uploading content daily to Twitch and Youtube of his personal gameplay and insights. In this past year, his community grew to 3.7 million followers and 4.5 million subscribers on Youtube. There are damn TV channels who don’t have platforms like that.

These days, Sypher streams for anywhere between four to ten hours from his computer station — making him is no stranger to the “working from home” lifestyle.

“I love what I get to do and I love the community that we have built,” SypherPK said to Uproxx when we chatted. “I always wanted to be a content creator and I started to see people I know really make it a reality, so I knew it was a possibility if I worked hard.”

The streamer’s success didn’t come without effort though, putting in long hours to play competitively and stack his channel with vids. During that time he’s found the gear that helps him stay sharp and healthy. We asked him to run us through his setup and his techniques for relaxing.

STAYING ATUNE: JBL Quantum ONEs (check them out here)

I have used a lot of headphones over the years. Getting good sound is really important to getting the best gaming experience, and being able to communicate with your friends if you are playing a multiplayer or battle royale. I found it helpful to have a set that goes over your ears, and shuts out any noise that might be around you, like my dogs.

The headsets from JBL really impressed me from the very beginning, and there are a lot of professionals in the business who are using them now.

STAYING ENTERTAINED: Naruto (watch on Netflix here)

I was recently able to convince my wife to watch the entire Naruto series with me, which has given us a lot of television to catch up on — it’s streaming on Netflix. There are so many episodes, it is going to keep us busy for awhile, which is great because we don’t have to worry about picking what we are going to watch for awhile.

It has been fun to start it over from the beginning for me.

STAYING CONNECTED: Twitch (check out his channel here)

I enjoy the community that I have been able the grow on Twitch, while making videos for Youtube. I play a variety of games on the stream, for a long time it has been Fornite, but I have started to play a few other new games that I enjoy like Fall Guys and Spellbreak. I have been getting more into Call Of Duty, too, playing in some tournaments with pros that I team up with.

I’m excited to check out the new Black Ops: Cold War when that comes out in a little bit.

STAYING FREE: Logitech G305 (check it out here)

I prefer using a wireless gaming mouse when I play over one that’s plugged in. Seconds matter when you are talking about response time in most of the games I stream, but I haven’t felt any timing loss when using this bluetooth mouse. I have it set up so that my whole desk is a mousepad, so my mouse can literally go anywhere. On top of that you don’t have to worry about a cord cluttering up your space.

STAYING FIT: Tonal (check it out here)

I have been working to put together a home gym so that I can get healthy and avoid the crowds. I found this system, that is pretty cool, it uses resistance instead of weights and has programs loaded in there. So it takes up a lot less space, and the weight that it can simulate is pretty high. I have found it nice to have a way to exercise that is really close, because it gives me a lot less of an excuse to take a day off.


I usually get a line up every week, I don’t want to do that anymore because I have to get a haircut every single week. I came to the decision to grow it out a little more naturally. There is an awkward phase right now, so I am going to wear a headband for a little while during that phase.

STAYING HAPPY: His dogs (check out their Instagram here)

I love spending time with my dogs, three Australian Shepards, whenever I have free time, and occasionally they will come and hang out with me when I am streaming. My wife and I started making videos with the dogs too, it started off as just something to do for fun but now their Youtube channel is really taking off.

They even got their first sponsorship, Ollie, which means they are hitting the big time.