See How ‘The Order: 1886’ Actually Plays In 8-Minutes Of New Footage

Most of the purported “gameplay” footage we’ve seen of The Order: 1886 has seemed a bit phony — sure, maybe the footage of guys jumping around rooftops and the game’s E3 trailer were created in-engine, but both came off very scripted.

Well, now we finally have footage of a guy, controller in hand, actually playing the game. You can check out 8-or-so minutes of legit gameplay footage below…

Was that Randy Couture playing the game? Well, I guess if he’s got nothing better to do.

So yeah, I’m still not entirely sure what kind of game The Order: 1886 is. The initial gameplay footage was Assassin’s Creed rooftop jumping, the E3 trailer was survival horror and this was 90% cover-based shooting. Maybe it’s all three! Or maybe the next trailer will reveal it to be a 19th century farming sim — it’s hard to predict at this point.

Via DualShockers