An ‘All-New’ Version Of Wolverine Is Rumored To Show Up In ‘Wolverine 3’

We know a good bit about Wolverine 3 up to this point. It’s going to take a lot from the Old Man Logan storyline, it’s Hugh Jackman’s last time playing Logan on the big screen, Professor X will be very different than how we’ve seen him in past films, and Boyd Holbrook will be playing the film’s main villain. Other than that, speculation is the game that most folks are playing.

Joining in on the fun, Superhero Hype is touting a rumor that they claim is a sure deal involving the arrival of a second Wolverine on the scene. That’d be the latest Wolverine from the Marvel Comics, the former X-23.

Now it makes some sense to have a future version of Wolverine in the film, given the end of the road for Hugh Jackman. It helps to provide a reason to keep the films moving along by having some sort of person to carry the mantle. But at the same time, there’s little reason for Fox to give the female Wolverine a chance to jump in on their franchise. But having a bunch of Wolverines running around can’t be a horrible thing.

Missing from the rumors is Wolverine’s son Daken. Holbrook is playing a character that hasn’t appeared in any of the films or comics before, so there’s little chance he’s playing that kind of character. Besides, Old Man Logan needs a lot of characters involved to get past that whole “no Marvel” thing. It doesn’t seem the actual film would follow that plot so closely, but having X-23 would be fun to have around.

(Via Superhero Hype / Slash Film / Comics Alliance)

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