‘Wolverine 3’ Snatches Up A ‘Narcos’ Star To Play The Villain For Hugh Jackman’s Last Ride

Wolverine 3 or The Wolverine 2, whatever you feel like calling the next Logan adventure starring Hugh Jackman, is rolling along its way. We know it will be Jackman’s last foray as the X-Men hero, most likely based on some portion of the Old Man Logan storyline. We also know who will be playing the main villain making Wolverine’s life hell.

Boyd Holbrook, better known to Netflix fans as DEA Steve Murphy on Narcos, will be taking on a villainous role for the film — rumored to be the main villain — and will be giving Jackman a run for his money according to Deadline:

Holbrook will play a relentless, calculating and intense head of security for a global enterprise who is set against Jackman’s clawed Wolverine/Logan hero. The CAA-repped actor’s deal was just completed on the film, which is gearing up for a May production start.

Obviously most of the storyline from the comic is out of reach due to Marvel’s rights over the bulk of the characters, but one would assume that Holbrook will be playing a part in whatever body they use to replace the Red Skull’s new America from Mark Millar’s tale.

Then again, the entire thing is up in the air. He could very well be anybody, joining a rumored Patrick Stewart and Jackman as the only cast mentioned so far.

(via Deadline)