The Success Of ‘Deadpool’ Has Reportedly Ensured A Proper ‘Old Man Logan’ For ‘Wolverine 3’

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02.23.16 9 Comments

As has been reported several times, Old Man Logan is the main focus for the third and final Wolverine film featuring Hugh Jackman. The actor confirmed as much back at Comic-Con and the rumors about the film have been swirling since then, especially concerning what kind of rating experience we’re bound to get.

Well now, according to a report over at Den of Geek, it would seem that the success of Deadpool has helped Wolverine 3 gain a coveted R-Rating. That would mean a true to form Old Man Logan storyline — copyright issues aside — and it would mean that the uncut version of The Wolverine will finally have a little brother to play around with:

According to separate reliable contacts, The Wolverine 3 has been targeting an R-rating since long before Deadpool’s stunning box office bow this past weekend. While that other X-Men spin-off movie grossing $132 million in three days is undoubtedly another great incentive to maintain the tone for The Wolverine 3, the filmmakers behind the mutant superhero film, including director James Mangold, have been planning for years to make a more violent farewell to Jackman’s beloved alter-ego due to the content of the “Old Man Logan” source material. While the MPAA of course makes the final determination of a film’s rating, the plan has always been to aim for an R.

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