Rob McElhenney Of ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Is Directing The ‘Minecraft’ Movie

In case you hadn’t already heard from any of the under-12-year-old types in your life, Warner Bros. and Microsoft are working on a Minecraft movie, because of course they are. Warner Bros. are all about the blocky animated kids flicks after the success of The Lego Movie. Originally, word was that Shawn Levy (the guy behind various mediocrities like the Night at the Museum movies) was going to direct, but that’s not the case anymore. Warner Bros. is instead going with this sexy b*tch

Yup, Rob McElhenney, best known as Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, has been tapped to direct the Minecraft movie. McElhenney may seem like a surprising choice on Warner Bros.’ part, but he has directed numerous episodes of Sunny, and signed a deal last year to produce, write, and direct a family-friendly adventure movie called Figment, but we’re not sure what’s happening with that now. Basically, after creating and running one of the funniest shows on TV for a decade, it’s finally dawning on Hollywood that this McElhenney guy might have something.

So, anybody hotly anticipating the Minecraft movie now? I’m certainly interested to see Mac flex his directing glamour muscles on the big screen.

(via Deadline)