Superman Is Going To Learn What It Means To Be A Man In New ‘Batman V Superman’ TV Spots

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in just a few more weeks (March 25), and Warner continues to roll out so many ads and clips. After debuting a clip of Batman and Superman’s rooftop fight scene on Jimmy Kimmel Live! — along with a much better “deleted scene” — and offering $100 tickets that will let you watch the movie on repeat, they’ve dropped four new TV spots, the two least repetitive of which you can find above and below.

The references to Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns continue to pop up. This time it’s Batman talking some smack to Superman, “It’s time you learned what it means to be a man.” If that sounds familiar even to those who haven’t read The Dark Knight Returns, that’s because it’s from the memorable international trailer.

Warner has also been dropping some moody pictures on Twitter, along with a snazzy GIF of the Batmobile showing a wall who’s boss.

(Via Warner Bros. Pictures and @BatmanvSuperman)