‘Batman V Superman’ Drops A New International Trailer And More Scoot McNairy Rumors

“It’s time you learned what it means to be a man.” So says Batman in the new international trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Those words could mean very different things depending on who he’s talking to. Could be positively XXX rated, I mean, if they got my letters.

He’s probably talking to Superman, however, and chiding him for being an alien (such a xenophobe, that Bruce). Meanwhile, Superman is telling Batman to, “Stay down. If I wanted it, you’d be dead already.” Which is in keeping with Henry Cavill already declaring himself the winner.

The new trailer may not contain much in the way of new footage, but the visual effects do look a little more finished than some of the same scenes appeared last year.

There are also new rumors regarding Scoot McNairy’s character. Set photos were circulating of Scoot McNairy wearing green socks on his legs to replace them with special effects, leading to some rumors that Scoot McNairy might be playing Metallo, The Flash (before Ezra Miller’s casting was announced), or Jimmy Olsen after losing his legs in Superman and Zod’s fight thru Metropolis. Because the Scoot McNairy rumor might be a spoiler (if true), we’ve placed it below this super-serious Superman photo. Scoot along if you’re interested.

As you can tell from that picture and a scene in a previous trailer, Superman testifies before members of Congress (including Holly Hunter) at some point, which figures into a rumor from Latino Review about Scoot McNairy’s character. They claim Lex Luthor is influencing Scoot McNairy — a character who is not Jimmy Olsen, but did lose his legs during Superman and Zod’s fight in Metropolis — to testify against Superman, but Luthor’s plan isn’t a simple smear campaign:

[Scoot] McNairy’s wheelchair-bound character will be brought in to testify against Superman to the U.S. Senate, but also becomes a victim of Lex Luthor’s campaign against the Man of Steel. One of Luthor’s schemes in the movie involves turning [Scoot] McNairy’s character into a human bomb of sorts, radicalizing him, in an attempt to get him close to Superman and to hurt him.

That wheelchair had better be slathered in Kryptonite, or this is a waste of a perfectly good Scoot McNairy.

Scoot McNairy.

Batman V Superman: There’s A Human Being Named Scoot McNairy opens March 25, 2016.

(Via Coming Soon and Latino Review)