Chris Pratt Is Your Peter Quill In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

When we last weighed in on Guardians of the Galaxy, we were informing you that they were teetering on the verge of casting overpaid comedians. But they’re back in our good graces for hiring the lead singer of Scarecrow Boat Mouse Rat, Chris Pratt, as Star Lord.

Yes, Andy Dwyer is anchoring a Marvel movie. And this is a good thing. Although it does betray Marvel’s odd predilection for guys named Chris.

It may sound weird that Pratt has landed a major role in a potentially huge franchise. But it’s worth noting that in addition to playing an idiot stoner, he’s been building a very effective drama career, including playing a Navy SEAL convincingly in Zero Dark Thirty and a baseball player fighting feelings of inadequacy in Moneyball. Neither role have any trace of Dwyer: Pratt’s a talented actor.

True, he’s not exactly a mega-watt star, yet, but Marvel has consistently shown impeccable taste in casting: Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans weren’t exactly huge deals either, but they both delivered excellent performances, carried both their own movies and worked together in an ensemble very well.

So, young actors, take note. If you are male, and you’ve got actually a fairly extensive acting resume and the professional experience to go with it, and your name is Chris… Marvel is probably hiring.