This ‘Deadpool’ Emoji Billboard Is All The Reason We Need To See The Film

If Deadpool‘s faux Valentine’s Day marketing isn’t enough to tickle moviegoers’ fancy, then perhaps the latest emoji-themed billboard from the upcoming R-rated superhero film will do the trick. That’s right, folks. 20th Century Fox’s marketing team (which is doing a bang-up job, by the way) deposited this lil’ beauty somewhere in California. And for the delectable cherry on top? Comedian Patton Oswalt tweeted a photo of the billboard on Wednesday while professing his love for it.

“This idiotic [and] brilliant billboard is why I’m all in on the Deadpool movie,” he wrote, adding: “I’m an easy lay.”

Seriously… what’s not to love about this silly billboard’s pictographic brilliance? The human skull is an obvious symbol for “death” or “dead,” and the pile of sh*t is perhaps the most famous emoji of all. Then again, Deadpool‘s title doesn’t have the word “sh*t” in it, but it does contain “poo.” So tack on a lone “L” and you’re in business.

Of course, some who see this billboard might not be too happy with its lack of actual words. “Emojis! What is this crap? Sheeple are so dumb these days,” they’ll say. To them, Deadpool himself would probably say, “Hey, if emojis are good enough for the Oxford English Dictionary, then they’re good enough for me.”

Deadpool hits theaters on Friday, Feb. 12.

(Via Patton Oswalt on Twitter)

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