It's Official, Nobody Liked Terminator Salvation — Schwarzenegger Joins the Salvation Haters Club

So, Terminator Salvation was a disappointment — that is, if you can call a movie directed by McG turning out bad a disappointment. I think a more appropriate term might be “forgone conclusion.”

Anyways, you can count the original Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, as one of the people who was disappointed by the movie. Actually disappointed is a bit of an understatement. Here’s what he had to say in an interview with Collider…

“The last one was awful. It tried hard, not that they didn’t try, the acting and everything. It missed the boat.”

That Schwarzenegger, so candid — at least when talking about movies he’s wasn’t in. I’d love to hear Arnie’s critical opinion of Terminator 3. Or better yet, End of Days and Eraser.

In the same interview Schwarzenegger said he’d be up for Terminator 5 if was “True Lies, Terminator. A well-made Terminator.” Sounds like Austrian bodybuilder code for “if James Cameron directed it.” Good luck with that one Arnie. Maybe if you were up for the Terminator being painted blue.

One final tidbit — Schwarzenegger also thinks doing a Twins sequel called Triplets would be a good idea. With Eddie Murphy as one of the triplets. This is the mind that ran California for six years folks.

via Blastr