The First Trailer For The Mighty ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Has Arrived

If you’re going to have a massive monster movie, it stands to reason that a massive monster trailer would bubble up at some point. San Diego Comic-Con was more than happy to play host to such an event and now we’ve been presented with the intriguing beast that is the Kong: Skull Island trailer.

Seeing as it’s an early glimpse, the preview is light on the titular Kong, but heavy on the dread about what happens if sh*t goes crazy. We get to see Tom Hiddleston dealing with a scenario that’s probably a tad less stressful than the Taylor vs Kimye debacle and freshly minted Oscar winner Brie Larson does an excellent job conveying that entering a colossal ape’s turf may be a bad thing. Toss in some quality speeches from Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman, top with flames and danger and there’s reason to believe something huge is at the ready for when this film premieres in March 2017.

The film, which is helmed by The Kings of Summer director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, is believed to be the next step in a Legendary Pictures universe that’s also occupied by (American) reboot of Godzilla. Seeing as movie monsters are prone to fight one another, this movie has the potential to spin off a lot of things if it tramples the box office next year.

(via The Verge)