‘Preacher’ Is Ready To Hit The Road And Kick God’s Ass In This Comic-Con Trailer

AMC’s Preacher has been meandering through its first season, treating its debut frame of episodes as more of a prequel to the source comic’s main story than anything else. While this tactic has provided audiences plenty of  opportunity to get to know Jesse, Tulip, Cassidy, and Odin Quincannon, it has also resulted in a more meditated show than many diehard fans were expecting based on the source material. Despite plenty of action sequences and more than enough violence to go around, truly major events of the first season so far have been few and far between – all in service of setting up a bigger story later in the show’s run.

Based on the most recent episode (Jesse shooting at townspeople from the bell tower of his church, anybody?) and the newly released Comic-Con trailer though, it looks as if the show is done with its considered pacing and ready to let these characters loose. Now that Jesse is thoroughly disenfranchised with preaching and what it can provide to people, Tulip is fed up with Jesse’s shenanigans, and Cassidy is back from his self-inflicted inferno, they can let ‘er rip and get down to business.

The up-tempo trailer provides glimpses of Jesse preparing to summon God to church and hiding out from those who might want to harm him, Tulip kicking ass and taking names (as she is wont to do), and a special appearance by none other than The Saint of Killers who has only shown up once in the first season. Graham McTavish is great casting for The Saint, and introducing him properly by teasing him pointing two Colt .45’s at the angels is as good a welcome as any. With only a few episodes left in Season 1, Preacher is setting itself up well for the fireworks to start. All it needs is somebody (cough, Jesse, cough) to finally light the fuse.

(via AMC)