‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Celebrates The Official Start Of Filming By Declaring A Prank War

Thor: Ragnarok started shooting today and it’s apparently the end of the world as we know it — solid Nordic mythology humor for you. What We Do In The Shadows‘s director Taika Waititi began filming the latest Norse adventure today in Australia, and while the film is not due out until November of 2017, we’re already getting peeks at what’s going on on the set.

Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, revealed the biggest perk of the shoot so far. If that isn’t cool enough, Waititi tweeted a picture of a recent on-set prank from the aforementioned star of the film.

Everyone knows only Thor can lift that hammer, so unless Hemsworth has a change of heart, Waititi better hope he’s got some very considerate coworkers that also happen to have a bathroom built into their trailers. The shoot is looking like a blast so far and we can’t help but think about that this could potentially lead to an all-out prank war between Jeff Goldblum — who’s playing The Grandmaster in the film — and Mark Ruffalo — reprising his role as the Hulk, who will apparently be along for lots of buddy cop-esque antics with our favorite thunder god — documented extensively on social media. People talk about things “breaking the internet” often but we’re pretty sure that would do it.