50 Cent Comments On His T.I. Jab On, “You So Tough”

07.02.08 10 years ago 52 Comments

“It’s like ‘CSI’: You use real-life situations to create something that’s entertaining without being specific,” 50 said. “When have you known me to be indirect with an issue? If I had a problem with any artist, trust me, they would know. I take [that situation], and I write that because a lot of people think that. They’re not saying it because they’re cowardly people. When you write it and put it there and leave and say, ‘Let me watch and see what happens.’ There’s so much controversy around it, and you didn’t say anything. Then you go, ‘See, they think that.’ They just won’t say it to him because they’re a bunch of punks.”

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How could those lines not be looked as a jab to T.I.?

Also, I didn’t have anything to post on T.O.S. becuase I wasn;t given an inteview, not my fault.

50 Takes A Shot At T.I. On T.O.S.

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