50 Cent Makes A New Video With Justin Timberlake & A Lack Of Unity In The Unit?

07.03.07 11 years ago 61 Comments

50 Cent and Justin Timberlake will be making a video for a song previously called, “Ayo Technology,” which will now be called, “She Wants It.”

The track is an analogy for watching porn. “The word ‘technology’ was put in as a way to replace what they really wanted to say – ‘pornography'”, a ‘source’ told The Sun.

“It’s all about being fed up with having to make do watching dirty movies and how desperate they are for stunning girls to be in front of them doing what they do in the movies.”

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Don’t these cats got mad groupies willing to do the same activities in those dirty movies?

I got this email message from a RealTalkNY reader that attended a 50 Cent concert yesterday in London.

I was at the 50 concert yesterday in London. Yayo wasn’t present yesterday, I believe he was denied access into the UK due to previous arms charges. Hot Rod took his place for the night, and was along side 50 for about 15 minutes, before just sitting down in front of Whoo Kid and not doing anything. He got up about 10 minutes later to join 50, 50 snatched his mic off him, pushed him away and said I ain’t paying you shit to do nothing.

Lol, what’s happening to the Unit man?

Lol, 50 Cent stay sonning them cats, Hot Rod sounds like he is on a short leash.

Here is the proof, I never doubted the guy anyway

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