Here’s What Beyonce And Jay-Z Can To Do To Top The First ‘On The Run’ Tour

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If since-deleted Ticketmaster listings and official Facebook posts are to be believed, this summer the most powerful couple in the music industry, Beyonce and Jay-Z, will once again hit the stadium circuit for a sequel of their highly acclaimed On The Run tour from 2014. If you were lucky enough to catch the first iteration of On The Run, you’ll recall an experience like no other. While dogged by a never-ending string of tabloid covers, wildly speculating about the imminent end of their marriage in wake of the infamous “elevator incident,” the Carters hit the road, styling themselves as a pair of Bonnie & Clyde-style outlaws, knocking crowds of 60, 70, and 80,000 people off their feet on a nightly basis, with a collection of some of the biggest hits of the 21st century.

As someone who attended an On The Run show during the first go-around and was utterly blown away by the pair’s singing, dancing, and rapping, as well as the larger presentation of the show itself, I think that there’s room for improvement. That’s not a knock on the Carters’ first run, which surely has to rank in the Top-10 of a long list of outdoor stadium tours over the last five or six decades, but merely an admission that there’s always room for improvement. And while artists as visionary and talented as Jay and Bey don’t really need much outside help envisioning ways in which to build upon what they’ve already done, here are a few ideas that could help make On The Run 2, bigger, better, and more compelling than the original.

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