Blueface Mops Up The Streets In His C-Walking ‘Bleed It’ Video

Whether you like him or not, LA rapper Blueface is following through on his promise to become the next big thing. After previewing his latest single, “Bleed It,” with a video from ukulele-playing Instagram star Einer Bankz — a surefire indicator of impending success — Blueface linked up with talent magnet director Cole Bennett for the song’s sunny, violent video.

The video features all the classic accoutrements of LA gangbanging lifestyle: There are posse shots of Blueface’s crew mugging and throwing up signs at the camera in someone’s front yard, Blueface himself showing off a mean crip walk, and yes, a scene of a drive-by to reinforce the Mike Crook-produced song’s threatening subject matter. It’s all just part of a day in the life for the young, affiliated, burgeoning rap star.

The video’s most striking element, though, might just be the most ridiculous. For reasons completely unapparent in the video, Blueface spends a significant chunk of the clip mopping the walkway to his house. It just might be the best visual summary of his style; in the midst of a video about pulling up on his enemies and shooting them in the street, he keeps a sense of humor about himself, as if to say, “it’s not that serious.” With the Lyrical Lemonade co-sign matching his shouts-out from Drake and Lil Uzi Vert, the only thing serious about Blueface is his inevitable come-up.