Boogie Shouts Out Lil Peep In His ‘Fade’ Freestyle Lyrics Video

Compton rapper Boogie is still working on his upcoming debut album but in the meantime, he intends to keep his fans sated with new music to hold them over until he gets an official release date. His latest nugget of lyrical nourishment is “Fade,” a “freestyle” he released directly to Youtube as a hybrid between a traditional music video and the lyrics videos that used to precede the actual video when the label actually released the single.

“Fade” covers a wide range of topics, from relationship woes to changing relationships to friends and family as Buddy’s notoriety grows to a shout-out to the late emo rapper Lil Peep and a call to check up on depressed homies. Boogie demonstrates not just his versatility in tackling a variety of concepts, he also shows off a deceptively intricate flow, with complex cadences delivered in his trademark, sleepy but dextrous deadpan.

Meanwhile, the video, shot by LVRN Records co-founder Justice, is shot on grainy old film, giving it the look of a French New Wave film from the 1970s as Boogie rhymes in the back of an SUV cruising through a bustling metropolis. The lyrics appear along the side of the screen, both providing a nearly real-time scroll of Boogie’s clever double entendres and slick metaphors and providing an interesting visual component to the low-key imagery.