Buddy Lit Up A Blunt Halfway Through His Tiny Desk Show And Delivered A Soulful Performance

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Buddy previously told Uproxx that his song “Trouble On Central” is based on a variety of real events, saying, “It was inspired, because it was right around the corner from my house that had a bunch of bullsh*t-ass vehicles that broke down there, a cop that pulled me over because I was smoking or didn’t have tags, because I used to ride dirty, anything.” With that in mind, the song came at an appropriate time during his Tiny Desk set, as he did find himself in a little bit of trouble during the performance.

Following “Trouble On Central,” the second song of his show, Buddy lit up a blunt. That forced the performance to get stopped and Buddy was asked to put it out, since smoking isn’t allowed on NPR property. That part didn’t make it into the final video, as his performance of “Hey Up There” had to be re-recorded, but what was included in the end product was excellent. His set opened with “Legend,” and Buddy was energetic right away, imploring the audience to sing backup vocals along with him. Buddy kept up the vibe throughout the rest of his performance, which concluded with “Real Life Shit.”

Watch Buddy’s Tiny Desk performance above, and revisit our interview with Buddy here.