Buddy Has A Bad Day On The Wrong Side Of The Tracks His Latest Single, ‘Trouble On Central’

Compton rapper Buddy continues to speak for the regular Joes of the world ahead of his as-yet-untitled RCA Records debut. His latest single, “Trouble On Central,” speaks to the stressors of day-to-day life — a broken down car, relationship issues, the dangers of living and hanging out in the neighborhoods of his native Hub City — over a mellow, G-funkish beat that highlights both his laid-back flow and his calm, collected crooning on the hook.

The title refers to Central Ave., a major Los Angeles thoroughfare that runs through a significant portion of LA, including downtown, South Central, Compton, and Carson. While its Northern sections include some pretty historical sites, the South part can be both lively and fraught with danger. It’s not the worst place for a car to break down, given its proximity to transportation and relatively easy access to so much of the city, but stop in the wrong spot and your day can turn bad pretty quick.

The chilled-out vibe of “Trouble On Central” stands out in stark contrast to its high-energy predecessor, “Black,” highlighting Buddy’s versatility and range as not just a rapper, but a full-fledged entertainer. While details on his upcoming full-length LP remain scant, its singles promise an eclectic, heady body of work that will address both the highs and lows of growing up young, Black, and talented in one of America’s most historic cities.