With ‘Ocean & Montana’ Buddy And Kaytranada Show A Brighter Side Of Compton

Hip-Hop Editor

Compton is in the middle of a rap renaissance, so you could be forgiven for missing out on the release of Compton rapper Buddy’s latest EP, Ocean & Montana, a joint effort with Polaris Prize-winning, on-the-make Canadian producer Kaytranada. In fact, you might even get a pass for not really checking for it in the first place, considering his debut release on I Am Other, Idle Time, was interminably delayed until all its momentum was gone.

When Idle Time finally was released, it was almost three whole years after its initial announcement, and the album came for free and with new cover art. The original Dali-inspired version was so much better. (Though I might be biased because I grew up around the corner from that donut shop and got two glaze twists every morning waiting on the bus to middle school.) Then, there’s Buddy’s insistence on using such a common word as a moniker, which lends itself to speedy search engine delivery about as well as McDonald’s serves up steak and ribs.

But soon — very soon — continuing to sleep on Simmie Sims is going to become one of those things that leaves Johnny-come-lately bandwagon fans kicking themselves as they frantically rush to catch up, because this kid is way too cool not to move units when the mainstream finally catches on. Ocean & Montana is all the proof you need.

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