Buddy’s World-Hopping C-Walk On Instagram Proves He’s Mastered Social Media


Compton rapper Buddy posted a hilarious video on Instagram featuring himself C-walking on various landmarks around the world yesterday, proving that he might be the one rapper who’s really got this social media thing down pat.

He’s keenly aware of the power of a funny video or a goofy viral trend, and has made moves to capitalize at every turn. From reposting every photo of cute dogs he gets tagged in on Instagram, to turning a viral hit video of himself crip-walking in front of a mosque in the Middle East into a hilariously globe-trotting green-screen adventure, Buddy has demonstrated a mastery of social media that few others have exhibited since the advent of apps like Twitter and Instagram, which have mostly been used to instigate and aggravate various beefs and drama — see: Meek Mill’s Drake-baiting Twitter fingers, or Cardi B’s battle with Nicki Minaj stans on Instagram’s comments. The only other rapper who’s as much fun to follow on social media might be Vince Staples, who’s been known to respond to trolls and irritating stans of creepy older R&B singers with equal aplomb and humor.

Buddy has similarly proved adept at finding creative angles for the music videos released in support of his latest project, Ocean & Montana. The videos for “Find Me” and “World Of Wonders” illustrate his sense of humor and offbeat worldview, while also being great fun to watch and listen to on repeat. Buddy’s social media is just as fun, which in the modern era, might be the best way to endear an artist to his fans of all.