Cam’ron Talks With ESPN About His Ballin’ Days

03.24.09 10 years ago 4 Comments


Were there any current pros from New York who were playing when you were coming up?
Yeah, I’ve known Stephon Marbury his whole life. And Skip boy, y’all know him as Rafer Alston on Orlando now. Yeah Steph and Skip, we played against them 2-3 times a week. Or sometimes we were on the same team. People kinda went back and forth on Gauchos and Riverside. One year you may have been on Riverside, one year on Gauchos. One year you may be playin with Steph, one year you may be playin against him. Same thing with Rafer. Tim Thomas was in Jersey, too. I think he went to St. Anthony’s in Jersey. Brevin Knight, too.

Any part of you still wonder what might have happened had you got your grades right and stuck it out in junior college?
Yeah, I always think about that. Anything can always happen, you know what I’m saying? I’m kinda happy just doing what I’m doing though, because it’s never guaranteed. Haha. And it ain’t like I’m 6’7”, I’m 6-foot with shoes on. So I still root for the undersized guys now, the Nate Robinsons. I loved Muggsy Bogues when he was in the league.

Full Interview: ESPN

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