Fran Drescher Still Wants To Cast Cardi B In A ‘Nanny’ Reboot

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In a new interview with Uproxx’s own Kimberly Ricci, The Nanny star shot down fan hopes for a potential reboot of her iconic ’90s show starring rap star Cardi B, saying that she just doesn’t have the time make it happen.

Back in October, the sitcom star told Extra TV that Cardi’s joking memes comparing her personal style with Fran’s titular nanny character’s had led her to reach out to the rapper’s reps about possibly rebooting the show, calling the idea “fresh and it could be super fun.” However, her responses in today’s interview make it sound like the reality may be further away than fans hope:

Do you have any updates on your quest for Cardi B to play your daughter in some sort of The Nanny reboot?

Well, that would be if we did the show all over again. I think she could be a good way to go for sure, but it’s not real today. It’s a good idea and something I definitely have on my radar.

Meanwhile, fans of Cardi B will get to see whether the rapper also has acting chops when she appears in her first feature film alongside Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu in Hustlers, described as a stripper revenge heist.