Diddy x Red Cafe x Fabolous x Fat Joe Perform @ Atlantic City

07.06.10 9 years ago 19 Comments

Diddy rolled out the dream team & Fat Joe in Atlantic City this past weekend. I already posted some Rick Ross footage, now here goes Red Cafe, Fabolous & Fat Joe performing.

Check below for RealTalkNY’s Dirty Money contest winner telling his experience at the show.

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On Saturday July 3rd, Diddy and friends invaded the House of Blues at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City by putting on an epic performance. Nigel D & Real Talk NY provided me with tickets for the show & I was more than happy to be in the building for the poppage, the drinks, the hoes & to be inspired by hip hop’s hottest stars performing. The show opened up with Philly’s own Meek Mill ripping the stage, running through local philly hits such as Rose’ Red & Make Em Say with 2 djs and a drummer despite the fact that the sound man was incompetent for the majority of his set. Nonetheless, all sound issues were fixed by the time Funkmaster Flex got on the 1s and 2s to get the crowd hyped and ready for Diddy. Running through all the latest and classic hits for 10 minutes, the crowd was on 40 as Flex invited several young ladies on stage to get it thoroughly popped. As Flex left the stage, the crowd patiently awaited Diddy’s performance and went crazy as Diddy came out performing Victory while decked in a black/white Louis Vuitton satin varsity jacket & covered in ice. Running through classics & new hits, Diddy performed smash after smash hit with Dirty Money backing him up and then surprising the crowd by bringing out Red Cafe. Red Cafe crushed the crowd with his set and most of my squad got laughs at the fact that although Diddy was taking a break during Red’s set he came on stage several times simply for the purpose of taking a shot of Ciroc and then immediately going back stage. Moving along, Red continued his set & then surprised the crowd by bring out Fabolous for his verse on I’m Ill who then went into his own set. We were at 60 but just when you thought Diddy had run out of surprises, Fat Joe turned the crowd upside down coming out to perform Lean Back, Ha Ha, Make it Rain. At this point we were on 80. While periodically throughout the show performers were making it rain money into the crowd at some point during the show Diddy stopped performing and started literally giving money away to fans who were directly in front of the stage. However, the surprises didn’t end there. As Diddy performed Angels, Rick Ross came out performing his verses for the remix and proved to be the real star of the show as he took the crowd to 100 by performing BMF, MC Hammer & Hustla. B.M.F is clearly the hottest record in the streets & I’ve seen the response it gets when I spin this record in the club, but I couldn’t have predicted the response it received at the House of Blues. It got so crazy that Diddy ran told the DJ to run the record back and they performed it again. After Ross performed Diddy ended the show off with Benjamins and took it home with everyone coming back on stage to perform Hello Good Morning. It was definitely a great concert and a great night to be a fan of hip hop.

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