DMX Gets Arrested Again

10.01.06 12 years ago

I was granted permission to post an accountant of what happened from an anonymous person who was at the concert:

“The concert started about an hour late with Young Joc as the first performer. Joc did like 5 songs and held his own. Joc is a real cool dude. Very respectful and down to earth. So it is about 9:00pm when G-unit comes out with like 100 heads and literally shuts down the building. 50 rolls up with a tractor trailer that was like a house inside with plasmas and couches. It was crazy. So Banks does a few songs, then 50 does a few, Yayo did a song, then mobb deep did a couple hits. The G-unit performance was like 1hour 45 mins. This whole time there is over 100 people on stage with G-unit. Great performance. By now its 11:45pm and DMX is coming to the stage. The crowd is rushing X as he gets on stage but security managed to keep it kinda undercontrol. X does like 3 songs and then the venue turned off his mic. Union workers have to get paid overtime after 12 midnight. He downed a bottle of Hennessy in about 10 minutes since he came on stage. So DMX runs and jumps off the stage onto the soundboard and starts kicking the sound equipment. He had to have caused at least $100k in damage. X had almost as people as G-unit. RR was in the building. They start throwing glass bottles and the mics into the crowd. This whole time the crowd is rushing the stage. A couple RR dudes jumped into the crowd and starting throwing punches. They hopped back on stage and RR ended up leaving the stage. So Jim Jones and Dipset get on stage and do that ballin thing with their hands and that kinda cooled the crowd but it was almost a riot. Dipset did not get to perform and neither did Foxy Brown. So Police and security get the crowd out and the lights go on. DMX was arrested a couple hours later for his actions at the hotel he was staying at. “

Full Review of the concert from AMNY Link

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