Eric Andre’s NSFW Jokes Were Way, Way Too Much For T.I. To Take

Like Lauren Conrad before him, T.I. also found himself walking off the season four premiere episode of The Eric Andre Show recently. While Lauren was grossed out by the wild and wacky comedian eating his own vomit, which turned out to be oatmeal, T.I. just couldn’t take any more of Eric’s dick jokes.

Within minutes of the Atlanta rapper being introduced and taking his seat, Eric informs T.I. that he’s been taking “boner pills” seconds before a floppy fake penis pierces through his desk. Things get even more bizarre when Eric begins masturbating the fake penis, telling Tip that he’s unable to ejaculate unless the rapper makes direct eye contact with him. A visibly uneasy T.I. looks away and rebuffs Eric’s handshake telling the 33-year-old actor, “Don’t you touch me, man.”

The Penis Party continued when a pantless man walked on set while the rapper was attempting to give Eric some advice. It was at that point T.I. decided he’s had enough of the show’s shenanigans, prompting him to completely walk off. “Sir, I do declare that your male genitalia quips are both indecorous and unamusing. I will be vacating the premises post-haste. I bid you good day, sir!”

Just kidding, but boy that would’ve been awesome. But, instead, all the “Dope” rapper said was, “Ahh sh*t, I’m gone. I’m out this b*tch.” Not sure what he expected from a show that revealed Seth Rogen’s number on national television, interviewed Chance The Rapper while inside a giant teacup and airs on Adult Swim.