Eric Andre Reveals His Most Offended Guests While Channeling Chocolate Rain And Eating Hot Wings

Eric Andre has been doing some heavy lifting lately for the fourth season of The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim. Not only did he try his brand of absurd, destructive humor at the RNC and DNC, but he’s also been promoting throughout the interview circuit. While this hot wing chat with First We Feast’s Hot Ones might not talk about Andre almost dying during the RNC, it does feature the comedian essentially losing his mind to pain by the end of the taste test.

He gets so worked up that he starts to pull a Tay Zonday of “Chocolate Rain” fame, threatening to sex up the camera operators, and breaking dishes over his head. It’s quite a sight, but nothing out of the ordinary if you watch the Adult Swim show regularly.

Before the craziness, Andre reveals a bit about the guests he has on the show and how long those interviews actually take to film. He also reveals how guests like T.I. and Lauren Conrad decided to walk off several times — the latter after Andre decided to eat “vomit” from his desk — and he had to coax them back by telling them the interview was almost over. It wasn’t even close.

Nice of Andre to bring up Tay Zonday, though. Looking up “Chocolate Rain” reveals that the original video has over 100 million views and will make you nearly forget that Zonday killed a bunch of YouTube stars on South Park.