Freedom Of Speech Takes An L

09.18.07 11 years ago 58 Comments

Damn, the cops went overboard on the kid, but he needs to know to shut up when you see a taser in the hands of the police.

Two University of Florida police officers have been placed on leave with pay after using an electronic stun gun to subdue a student who was questioning Sen. John Kerry at a campus forum, the school’s president said Tuesday.

During Monday’s forum, Meyer came to the microphone to question why the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee from Massachusetts did not contest his loss to President Bush in the pivotal state of Ohio over allegations that African-American voters were disenfranchised, why he did not support Bush’s impeachment and whether he belonged to the Yale University secret society Skull and Bones, as Bush did.

But as Meyer repeatedly questioned why he was being arrested, officers dragged him to the back of the auditorium and then used a Taser on him when he continued to struggle.

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