H.E.R. And YBN Cordae Wonder If ‘Racks’ Are All They Need In Their Sultry New Single

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Two of 2018’s biggest breakout stars link up for a sultry ode to their newfound wealth, as H.E.R. and YBN Cordae release their first collaboration, “Racks,” with the help of Zane Lowe and Beats 1 Radio. The sensuous track is a bit of a departure for H.E.R. as she embraces the spotlight more and switches gears to sing about milking a rich dude for his money as opposed to the struggles of situationships. Of course, she puts her own righteous spin on the subject, lamenting that “All of your racks and things / They don’t relax your pain.”

“Racks” is a shift for Cordae as well, going from the firespitting, bangers artist to the R&B features killer — a transition his newfound collaborator/mentor J. Cole has also been making in the past few years. Cordae’s verse likewise balances the glitz with some existential dilemma talk, as he wonders, “I can’t seem to find love without the ratchet sh*t / This gold dream of mine, why am I attached to this?”

Both artists are apparently preparing new projects this year, with H.E.R. following up on her self-titled 2018 debut and YBN Cordae readying to release his own debut next month before heading out on tour. Both also performed recently at the 2019 BET Awards, delivering a stirring rendition of her I Used to Know Her: Part 2 single “Lord Is Coming.”

YBN Cordae is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.