Iggy Azalea’s ‘Savior’ Video With Quavo Is Filled With Haunting Religious Imagery

Iggy Azalea‘s video for “Savior,” with Quavo of Migos, is filled with haunting, neon-dappled religious imagery, but she’s certainly looking for a different kind of salvation from her house-infused redemption single.

After a disastrous promotional run for her now-retitled album Surviving The Summer (originally dubbed Digital Distortion) that included a run of poorly-received singles with similarly striking music videos, it looks like Iggy may finally be able to shake some of the accusations that dogged her early career in the wake of her debut album, The New Classic.

The “Savior” video is shot in a darkened church, opening on a metaphorical marriage ceremony for Iggy and an unknown, hooded suitor who vanishes like Obi-Wan Kenobi when she tries to reveal his face in a clever flip of the usual order of these things. Iggy and her attendees are adorned with glowing neon halos throughout the video, and later she performs her verses while lounging in the middle of an angel-shaped configuration of candles, really leaning into the “Savior” concept without going overboard and losing sight of what it means in the context of the song.

However, “Savior” could wind up saving Iggy in more ways than one. While the song is ostensibly about finding love, it also reflects on the shaky status of her career. While her four-song EP 4 My Ratz may have bought back a bit of goodwill for the Australian rapper, if she really wants to survive the summer, she’ll need “Savior” and its video to perform well enough to overcome the negative stigma surrounding her.