Jay-Z Comments On Kanye’s Success

09.18.07 11 years ago 52 Comments

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What factors do you think contributed to Kanye coming out on top this week? What made his music resonate with the fans so much?

JAY-Z: It’s pretty much how much he cares about it. It’s not done for any other reason but to be the best music out at that specific time. You know, at times you could hear [other] people’s music, and you hear, ”Okay, that’s your girl single, that’s the thug single, that’s the…” No, it’s none of that. Every single song he makes, he makes because he thinks it’s the best record at that specific time. He may not think it next week, but that week, he thought that was the best record that he could make.

EW: I just heard your verse on 50’s ”I Get Money” remix last night. How did that come together?
Jay-Z: I just wanted to show that we’re not enemies. It’s a great story for this, you’re the first person to ask, so you got great timing! [50 Cent] called me to ask for the remix, and I told him he couldn’t put the remix out until the first week came. I didn’t want it to affect any type of numbers. [Laughs] So as you see, it came out the 17th, when the SoundScan cycle is finished. So just to show, I’m still competing! We’re not enemies, we’re just competing.

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Jay-Z made sure to hold the release of the I Get Money Remix of course.

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