Latest On The Kanye vs 50 Cent Battle

07.31.07 11 years ago 71 Comments

The New York Post makes it seem 50 Cent in about to catch an L:

The song currently teasing the public – “I Get Money” (a remix of “Straight to the Bank”) has also languished on the hip-hop/R&B radio charts, not even making a Top 40 slot.

Despite the in-your-faceness of 50’s camp switching “Curtis” to “Graduation” day, it might be a great duel that’ll be won without a shot fired.

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Jay-Z talks to MTV about the matchup:

There’s a strategy involved,” he said. “You wanna put yourself in the best position. But you do that anyway. You do that if nobody [else] was on [your release date]. We’ve been plotting since his first album, when it was like, ‘We’re just gonna cover you. We’re gonna put so many people on your album with the great production.’ And then he just stood up to be an artist and that whole idea changed. So ever since that initial conversation of how we’re going to release Kanye, we never stopped plotting.”

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Will, “She Wants It,” with Justin Timberlake help 50 gain some ground on Kanye?

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