Fox News Tried To Insult Nipsey Hussle After His Death, But Confused Him With Another Rapper

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While the late, great LA rapper Nipsey Hussle was nearly universally beloved and celebrated after his death, it seems there was one group that didn’t have any love lost for the fallen musician. During a report on Nipsey’s memorial service and 25-mile sendoff in LA, Fox News tried to demean the late hometown hero with mocking commentary from host Laura Ingraham over Nipsey’s participation in the song “FDT” from three years ago. There was however one, glaring problem with the report: Fox News ran video of the wrong rapper, highlighting YG instead of Nipsey Hussle. Check out the video below.

Nipsey Hussle and YG did collaborate in the latter’s 2016 song, “FDT,” ridiculing then-presidential hopeful Donald Trump. However, the commentary between Laura Ingraham and her guest Raymond Arroyo seemed to frame the hit as “recent,” as though it just came out, and didn’t even seem to notice that Nipsey Hussle wasn’t featured in any of the video or audio that ran. There wasn’t even any actual coverage of the memorial, other than the host pointing out that “1,000s lined the streets of LA” without providing any meaningful context or even footage of the gatherings.

While it’s perfectly fine for Fox News to take issue with the content of “FDT,” since it does criticize their favorite game show host-turned-politician, there isn’t much here that can be reasonably classified as “news.” Aside from the shoddy reporting, which leaves out significant context, mistakes one Black musician for another one, and doesn’t even address relevant data, such as the circumstances of Nipsey’s death or even the fact that his music recent musical release was his Grammy-nominated major label debut, it’s in pretty poor taste to mock a man who was murdered by using someone else’s lyrics while his fans and family still grieve.

Reactions have been predictably outraged, calling for Fox News to fire Ingraham for her comments, and outright berating Ingraham herself via Twitter. Given Fox’s usual modus operandi, those calls are likely to fall on deaf ears.

Nipsey Hussle is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.