Nipsey Hussle Was Reportedly Creating A Charitable Foundation To Help Kids Before He Died

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When Nipsey Hussle passed away recently, he apparently left behind a lot of unfinished business. A couple examples: He was set to collaborate with J. Cole this year, and he was reportedly planning on opening a hotel and casino in Las Vegas. He also did a lot for his community before his passing, and now it’s being reported that he was getting ready to do a lot more: TMZ says that Hussle was working on establishing a charitable foundation.

TMZ reports that the foundation would aim to improve the quality of life in Hussle’s community, and that the foundation would focus mostly on helping children. Hussle apparently wanted the foundation to be “working with schools to rebuild playgrounds, helping improve public parks in Crenshaw, and moving forward with STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) programs for students.” TMZ also said that Hussle owned 14 businesses, but his family is making the foundation their top priority, and high up on their to-do list is naming the foundation.

Before he died, Hussle made sure that his own children would be set as well: His family said that Reggie Bush’s crowdfunding campaign to benefit Hussle’s children was not necessary (but appreciated), as Hussle had set up trust funds for his family.

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