The Game, Meek Mill, And More Bought Up All The Merchandise In Nipsey Hussle’s Marathon Store

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Even in death, Nipsey Hussle continues to innovate. While he was alive, he revolutionized the way musicians approached the value of their work. Now that he’s gone, it seems he found a new way for his famous friends to pay tribute to a real one — by paying his Marathon store for the remainder of its merchandise. TMZ reports that Nipsey’s famous friends, including The Game, Meek Mill, T.I., and 2 Chainz on the music side and NBA players like DeMar DeRozan, JR Smith, and Al Harrington, descended on his now-famous Marathon clothing store, buying up so much stock the sales floor is practically empty.

The store has become the focal point for memorials, tributes, and celebrations for Nipsey Hussle after he was killed there the afternoon of March 31. The corner had become a local landmark after Nipsey located the store there in 2017, eventually buying all the businesses with plans to redevelop the corner for residential use. Well-wishers and fans have been passing by daily, and the lot is filled with blue balloons and flowers. Yesterday’s funeral procession passed by the store as its final stop on the way to the funeral home, giving fans one last opportunity to salute the hometown hero who transformed his neighborhood through a combination of business savvy and fearless determination. He may be gone, but the marathon will always continue.