Offset Broke A Fan’s Phone In Target And Now There’s A Warrant Out For His Arrest

Getty Image

For a fan of a musician, it’s exciting when they just so happen to see them out in the world. Recently, though, fans have learned that it’s probably not the best idea to start filming people without their consent. Recently, Earl Sweatshirt smacked the phone out of a fan’s hand because they were unknowingly filming him, and during a Target run on April 25, Migos’ Offset did the same thing. Now it looks like Offset might actually be facing some consequences, as Sandy Springs, Georgia police have issued an arrest warrant for Offset for criminal damage to property, Atlanta’s WSB-TV 2 reports.

The video from the phone shows the fan taking a selfie video inside a Target store, which ends with Offset swinging his arm down and hitting the phone’s screen. TMZ notes that in the full video, the fan said, “What’s up, Offset,” to which the rapper responded, “Get the f*ck out of my face,” before hitting the phone. TMZ also said that the phone cost $800, which means that the damage Offset caused is actually a felony.

This isn’t the only charge Offset is facing at the moment, as last week, it was reported that Offset has been hit with a felony firearms possession charge.