Plies’ Criminal Past Now In Question?

07.28.08 10 years ago 67 Comments


The witch hunt for made up past histories by rappers has now moved on to the, “Definition of Real,” Mr.Plies. HipHopDX did an extensive search to see if he was arrested for anything substantial in his life.

HipHopDX has obtained documentation from the state of Florida that lists the “definition of real” rapper’s first real run-in with the law to have not taken place until two years ago, on April 12, 2006, when Plies – real name Algernod Lanier Washington, born May 22, 1976 – would have been on the eve of his 30th birthday and just beginning his ascension to his current status of gold-certified rap star.

But there are the occasional past tense references to what appear to be claims of his own criminal activity. One glaring example can be found during his lament on the suffering his alleged criminal activities caused his mother on “Runnin My Momma Crazy,” in which he recollects: Remember the nights, me sittin’ up in a cold cell/I’m wakin’ ya up out’cha sleep, it’s me callin’ you from jail.” While passionate, his verse’s claim that he was ever in a “cold cell” now appears to be untruthful, as according to the FDLE’s report Plies was never in jail for any period of time prior to 2006.

Full Story: HipHopDX

Too early to tell on this one, I’m sure Plies will make a response if the story becomes popular online. Buy anyway props to Plies for creating a non-profit organization.

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