RealTalk With Ludacris:Talks About Future Projects And Resolving Issues With Chingy

07.12.07 11 years ago 9 Comments

RealTalkNY had a chance to have a quick convo with Luda about the new DTP compilation, “Strength In Numbers,” future plans and Chingy returning to DTP. Ludacris had this to say about Chingy’s return to DTP

You go through life, you live and you learn. Sometimes you have to let old stuff be old stuff. You can try to be angry about something and try to hold a grudge. But at the end of the day if your a grown man about something you have to learn to forgive. He came to us like a man and he apologized for what he did. He understood he was wrong and we forgave him man. Now he’s back, at the end of the day Chingy is a star no matter what anyone wants to say about him, the man is a Fucking star. With that being said it’s good for business, hes a good dude and grown up. Hes honestly making good decisions and I’m glad hes back and part of the team.

DTP’s Compilation CD, “Strength In Numbers,” will be released August 28th. Ludacris next solo album will be called, ” Theater of the Mind.” Ludacris will also have roles in a few upcoming films such as, “Fred Claus,” “Balfield Mobs,” and “RockNRolla.”

Interview by Jonathan Blakely

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