Review: G-Unit’s Terminate On Sight Listening Session

06.13.08 10 years ago 38 Comments

G-Unit : Terminate On Sight Releases July 1st

First of all I know people think I’m a G-Unit hater, yet I post all their shit and had 50 Cent as the person of the year last year. Well anyway I was expecting to come to the session and get some good footage for a hot video. The Byrd Gang session video got over 20k views and is on their myspace. But as you can see there is no video to show…

The Experience:
To start things off Banks is talking, then Yayo gets on the mic and tells me take off the camera. I’m like aight cool and take it off. Then he keeps going on saying he don’t want the songs on a DVD, I got to take the camera out the room or leave. Then he says he from the streets he don’t care about this industry shit. Umm, what’s the point of adding all that extra shit when I was already putting the camera away? I been to mad sessions, I know not to post the songs if the artist don’t want them posted, its not that serious. I understand where he was coming from, but you need to speak to people with respect. Then after the session I ask for an interview and there people never get back to me. So if you don’t see T.O.S. stuff on the site its not my fault, I tried.

My thoughts on the album and pictures from the session are below.

The Album:
I think the album is missing a single that would be constantly played over and over like a, “I Get Money.” But there are definitely hot tracks that stand out to me like, “Straight Outta Southside,” “Get Down,” “Money Make The World Go Around,” “Piano Man,” and “You So Tough.” Of course I can’t remember how every song went, so I might be missing a few stand out tracks. In, “You So Tough,” 50 takes a big shot at T.I. which came out of no where. G-Unit worked with Polow Da Don for the first time on, “Kitty Kat,” which may get some burn in the clubs.

Like Miss Info said, if your a fan of the mixtapes you will like the album. G-Unit is keeping it street on this album, except for a few tracks for the club. I would have to listen to it a few more times for a final judgement, but RealTalkNY will be sure to have an unbiased review up in the coming weeks.

1. Straight Outta Southside
2. Piano Man – Feat. Young Buck Prod. Tha Bizness
3. Close To Me
4. Rider Pt. 2 – Feat. Young Buck
5. Casualties Of War
6. You So Tough
7. No Days Off – Feat. Young Buck
8. T.O.S.
9. I Like The Way She Do It – Feat. Young Buck
10. Kitty Kat
11. Party Ain’t Over – Feat. Young Buck Prod. Tha Bizness
12. Let It Go – Feat. Mavado
13. Get Down
14. I Don’t Want To Talk About It
15. Ready Or Not
16. Money Make The World Go Around








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