Second Week Sales For Graduation & Curtis

09.27.07 10 years ago

After debuting at No. 1 last week, Kanye West’s Def Jam album “Graduation” falls to No. 2 with 226,000, a sales slide of 76%. 50 Cent’s “Curtis” does nearly the same, slipping 2-3 with 143,000 (-79%).


As expected both albums take a huge drop, but Kanye still manages to sell more in week 2. 50 Cent told people to watch Kanye’s huge drop but he ended up with a bigger drop. Seems like Def Jam hit him with a 1-2 punch. Kanye drops the same day which I think definitely made him sell less. 50 Cent gets to release the, “I Get Money Forbes Remix,” after the first week but then Jay-Z takes away some buzz by announcing a new album right after. Coincidence, I think not…

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