Shawty Lo’s Crew Beefs With Grand Hustle @ The Dirty Awards

11.25.08 10 years ago

The award show came to an end when Shawty Lo’s people started to fight with Grand Hustle while they performed, “Ain’t I,” on stage. Shawty Lo stated that the beef was over right before T.I. dropped the video for, “What’s Up.” I think seeing that video may of ended any truce the had.

More video and pics are below, props to Gyant.

Update: MTV has an article about the altercation.

“Basically, I didn’t start saying anything about Tip,” Lo explained. “I was performing my music. During ‘Foolish,’ all of them was coming in front of the stage doing their mugging. After ‘Dunn, Dunn,’ I performed the dis record ‘Don’t I.’ That’s what made perform the dis record. I ain’t gonna lie; they was disrespecting me. I wasn’t gonna let them disrespect me.”

Full Story: MTV

Shawty Lo says he ran into T.I. backstage and they both agreed to end the beef(again). But hen T.I. peformed, “Ain’t I,” and all hell broke loose.

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