Stop The Madness: Crazy Case That Is Eerily Similar To The Movie Saw

07.12.07 11 years ago 13 Comments

A pizza deliveryman who robbed a bank and was then blown up by a bomb locked around his neck helped plan the robbery and then got caught up in something “much more sinister,” a federal prosecutor said Wednesday.

The indictments say Diehl-Armstrong and Barnes contrived a series of notes to make Wells appear to be “merely a hostage,” with the plan being to get the money from Wells in a way that if he was caught, he could claim he was an unwilling participant. According to the indictments, they locked a live bomb onto Well’s neck to ensure he turned over the money.

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This is an old case that always freaked me out. A pizza man claims he was taken hostage at gun point and forced to put on a collar. The collar was locked on his neck and had explosives. He then was attempting to rob a bank and claimed he was being forced too. In the end the collar exploded around his neck on LIVE TV. Cops have now convicted people of the crime but are saying the Pizza man was in on it. Damn I can’t think of anyone willing to put real explosives around their neck willingly. Then again, in this crazy world anything is possible.

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