Timeout, How Can T-Pain Complain About Swagger Jackers?

11.07.08 10 years ago

On T-Pain’s new album, “Thr33 Ringz,” he addresses people using auto-tune on a track called Karaoke. Obviously he would despise people using the same effect he uses in all his music. Instead of paying him crazy money for a hook people figure they can just do it themselves. With that said how can he make a song going at, “Swagger Jackers,” when his people use it more than anyone else. Lil Wayne & Kanye West combined use the effect more than the entire industry, with Kanye even dropping an entire album with the vocoder. T-Pain didn’t create the effect so he can’t pick an choose who is allowed to use it with out getting the, “Swagger Jacker,” title. Most people don’t even sound good with the effect so its best for T-Pain to just focus on making the hits and not call anyone a, “Swagger Jacker.”

On another note the, “Thr33 Ringz,” album is pretty good and drops 11/11/08.

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