Tinashe’s Long-Delayed ‘Joyride’ Finally Has A Confirmed Release Date

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Tinashe may have felt like there was a lot more to her career derailment than bad management and poor marketing, but it appears the whys and hows will make little difference in April. That’s when her long-awaited sophomore album Joyride is scheduled for release, according to a comment Reddit discovered the singer left on her Instagram.

“Where. Is. Joyride. OMG.” wrote one fan in a comment on one of Tinashe’s recent posts. Whereas her social media has been littered with similar requests for a couple of years, but on this particular occasion, it seems she had some glad tidings. “Next month,” she replied, with a string of cheeky emojis. The fan’s response was unsurprisingly excited. “HOLY SH*T MY HEART JUST DROPPED,” they wrote, likely echoing the sentiment for any Tinashe fan who’s had to tamp down on the disappointment of watching the singer’s promotion stall out so many times for so long.

The long-delayed follow-up to her better-than-expected 2014 RCA Records debut Aquarius has seen as many downs as ups, with misfired singles and frustrating push-backs paving a long, winding road through an industry that has seen its share of tumultuous twists. When Aquarius released, SZA was still finding herself musically, Jhene had only just released Souled Out, and Beyonce was still two years away from the ferocious Lemonade. Tinashe will have to adjust to a whole new direction for R&B since then, but thanks to Tinashe’s comment, we now know about how long the wait will be to find out if she’s managed to stick the landing.

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