Top 5: Best Tracks On Tha Carter III

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The last post for Tha Carter III week lol. I list the top 5 songs on the album in my opinion, let me know if you agree or disagree.

5. Nothin On Me – The song may actually better if Lil Wayne’s verse was taken out. Fabolous & Juelz killed their verses and Lil Wayne provided a hot chorus.

Don’t be murdered over your song before you ad-lib it
I pop up like Xzibit, forgiven I’m at your crevace
Not to put no fuckin fish’ tanks in your Civics (no)
Fuck getting your ride pimped, you’ll get hog tied, wimp
Have you in the trunk curled up like fried shimp (ah hah hah)
It’s been a good year maybe I should ride a blimp
Cause your boy just stay above the game
They tryin’ to tag ’em, spray a brother frame
But your shots can’t reach me, I’m way above your aim


4. Mr.Carter – This is the highly anticipated track with Jay-Z. The sample and beat go together perfectly. Jay-Z delivers a hot verse and Lil Wayne is a little random but does his thing.

Far from average, Above status-
Quo, Flow, So, Pro
I know
I rise slow
And when I pass
They say “what up, killer man?” Stop bringing up my past!
And next time you mention Pac, Biggie,
And Jay-Z
Don’t forget Weezy

3. Dr.Carter – Lil Wayne delivers a very creative track as he acts as a doctor for Hip Hop. Each verse is dedicated to a different aspect, style, respect & swagger. This kind of track reminds me of something Nas would do and  it shows diversity from Lil Wayne.

His Blood Starting To Flow.
His Lungs Starting To Grow.
This One Starting To Show.
Strong Signs Of Life.
Wheres The Stiches Heres The Knife.
Smack His Face His Eyes Open I Reply What A Night.
Welcome Back Hip Hop I Saved Your Life.

2. Shoot Me Down– Fire beat with a rock influence and sample. Lil Wayne delivers hot metaphors like, “I sweat money and the bank is my shower.”

i aint kind hot i’m sauna
i sweat money and the bank is my shower
haha and that pistol is my towel
ha so stop sweatin me coward
and i would die for ours ride for ours supply the flowers
this is history in the making now shut the f**k up and let me make it

1. Let The Beat Build – Cant help but blast this track, “Now that’s how you let the beat build Bitch!” Classic random lines by Lil Wayne but the shit sounds hot. The beat is crazy, Kanye West did his thing. Lil Wayne changing his flow made the song even hotter.

And yeah, we sell em’, i know u smell em’
So if u want it, You could just yell it
Be in the morning at your telly
Whole keys go for twenty, half a key go for eleven, after me there will be nothing
I am Legend and I Will Smith
Now that’s how you let the beat build, bitch

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