Towkio Provides A ‘Symphony’ Of Energy During His Performance On ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

Towkio has returned back to us earthlings with a new sense of accomplishment – and an album to promote. Towkio performed his “Symphony” track on Jimmy Fallon last night, giving the track the energetic performance it deserves. He brought along a live drum player, whose impassioned tribal drums fed Towkio a contagious energy that he put into the live set. He started off wearing a thick brown jacket before whipping it off upon the appearance of vocalist Teddy Jackson, who performed “Symphony’s” chorus. He then whipped the bubble coat off and asked New York to put their hands up in unison. Just in case they didn’t, he ran up into the audience to make sure they were feeling the vibes. Towkio, who recently collaborated with SZA on ‘Morning View,’ gave us a nighttime spectacle that successfully channeled the energy of “Symphony’s” video.

“Symphony” is one of the standout singles of WWW, the studio debut from the Chance The Rapper-affiliated artist. He’s the first hip-hop-leaning signee of Rick Rubins American Recordings, which is a hefty co-sign from a hip-hop legend. WWW has a heavy electronic influence, as well as reverend for Chicago’s rich dance culture. Both are on display throughout “Symphony.”

Towkio made waves last week by taking an air balloon miles above the earth to celebrate WWW’s release.

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