Tyler The Creator’s New Album ‘Igor’ Is Getting Enthusiastic Reactions From Fans

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Tyler The Creator’s new album, Igor, has finally arrived after a few weeks of teasing and it might not be what anyone was expecting from the Flower Boy rapper. After he offered some explicit instructions for listening to the new project, fans dove in and The Creator’s musical evolution has certainly surprised them, but to judge from the reactions on Twitter, it’s a new direction they can get with.

Of course, once the first enthusiastic reactions began to pour in, the meme party started in earnest with fans both expressing their genuine reactions and trying to one-up one another with their over-the-top gifs and videos. While some fans were impressed by the production, others were shocked to hear familiar voices like Playboi Carti’s in the mix after the spare tracklisting kept guest involvement a secret. Tyler himself encouraged the engagement, prompting fans to “articulate specific moments you love and how it makes you feel” in a tweet this morning.

Even popular Twitter personalities and Tyler’s production peers like Brother Nature and Chase N Cashe chimed in, expressing amazement and amusement at the new techniques the LA rapper/singer employed on the album, which features tracks like “Earfquake” and the James & Bobby Purify-inspired, Kanye West-featuring “Puppet.” On his end, Tyler seems to have taken all the hubbub in stride, tweeting simply, “Stank u smelly mucho.” Check out more fan reactions below, and take a listen to Igor here.