Tyler, The Creator Tells Timothée Chalamet To ‘Get At’ Him On ‘Okra’ And Fans Are Bugging Out

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For a “throwaway” track, Tyler The Creator’s recently released “Okra” is already making waves. Tyler’s been known to set his online fan community abuzz with offhand lines and references in his songs, such as when he used Flower Boy single “Who Dat Boy?” to perhaps “come out” as bisexual, but his latest bombshell has no doubt launched a thousand Tumblr ‘ships.

“Tell Timothée Chalamet to come get at me / Skin glowin’, clear of acne…” Tyler raps to start the third verse on “Okra.” He’s referring to the star of Call Me By Your Name, the critical darling movie that has turned the 22-year-old actor into a bonafide celebrity. Chalamet has already acquired quite a following of his own, and they’ve been known to swoon at his social media exchanges with hip-hop figures like Kid Cudi and Frank Ocean in the past.

But this line has sparked an enthusiastic reaction on Twitter, highlighting not just the overlap in their respective fanbases, but also how important representation can feel for marginalized kids. In this case, although Chalamet does not identify as queer, his role in Call Me By Your Name has made him something of a totem for the young, queer community, and Tyler has already kicked down the perceived barrier that said that mainstream rap would never accept a gay rapper.

In all honesty, it’s fun to see these fans stanning their faves as they show mutual appreciation and help these marginalized communities feel seen and validated. Also, thee fans are completely hilarious, always finding more inventive ways to relay their jubilation through .gifs, jokes, and all-caps exclamations of utter joy. Check out some of the best reactions below.